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♥Flawlessly GorGeouS shot of Mr. Jensen Ross Ackles♥ · Winchester BoysJared And Jensen AcklesBröderna WinchesterMisha CollinsDestiel. Jib9 I Knew.

Dean Winchester. Sparad av Franzi Wagner. 14. Dean WinchesterJensen AcklesMark SheppardJared PadaleckiMisha CollinsCastielBaeÖvernaturligRoliga  2021-apr-06 - Utforska Julia Knights anslagstavla "Destiel & Sabriel" på Pinterest. Dean Winchester, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, Johnlock, Destiel Fanart,  Sam and Dean doing yoga - thisthis is kinda awesome! #YogaTips102. Jared Padalecki, Destiel, Misha Collins, Fandoms, Jensen Ackles, Mark Sheppard,.

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Mer information. DESTIEL / COCKLES - DEAN WINCHESTER & CASTIEL (Jensen Ackles & Misha Collins). Sparad av Alleiden · CastielDean WinchesterJensen AcklesMisha  Angels Watching Over Jensen Ackles, Batman, Övernaturlig · Jensen AcklesBatman Winchester, Misha Collins, Destiel, Övernaturlig · WinchesterMisha  Misha, Jensen, and Jared. Lili LongSupernatural · Embedded image Jensen Ackles, Supernatural Fandom, Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins, Destiel,. Jensen  Destiel. Johnlock.

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Mish 's profile picture. Mish . Wallpapers's profile picture. 11 Nov 2020 Misha Collins confirms 'Destiel' is canon in Supernatural after his Castiel character confesses his love for Jensen Ackles' Dean Winchester.

Jensen Ackles and Steve Carlson’s band, Radio Company, has released the first promotional single, “City Grown Willow,” for their upcoming album, Vol. 2. The video is in black and white and features Jensen Ackles trudging through deep snow in a cowboy hat. Their new album is set to release on Friday, May 7th.

Good night to Misha Collins, Jensen Ackles, the 5 minutes of 15x20 that got cut, Sebastian Roche’s tweets about the rusty nail, miracle the dog, the version of the 15x18 confession scene that lives on Jensen Ackles’ phone, former tjlc’ers who once again got roped into the spn aftermath, everyone who participated in the destiel marketing studies, anyone who donated to Destiel. 25,025 likes · 10 talking about this. "Dean and I do share a more profound bond." Destiel. 25,010 likes · 6 talking about this. "Dean and I do share a more profound bond." However, other Supernatural fans have claimed that "Destiel" is not canon and Castiel only ever loved Dean as a best friend. One fan tweeted: "The way castiel said 'the one thing i wanted is the one thing i couldn't have' then said 'i love you' and dean was too in shock to say it back so castiel died without ever knowing he could have dean that dean loved him i am NOT OKAY #Supernatural # Destiel.

Jensen about destiel

#destiel #destiel meta #jensen on destiel #destiel is canon #the show made me #and jensen too #you winky bastard #you'll have to explain yourself when this is all wrapped up mister … Last year, Jensen was very adamantly against the idea of Destiel. To the point where he was being kinda mean about it. At a convention, iirc, someone sounded like they were going to ask a Destiel related question (they weren't, I believe) and he cut them off, asking for the next question. Some thoughts because I saw a tweet and people were angry because they thought Jensen was mad about destiel on stage. And Misha was a bad person because he didn’t stop the (Destiel)question for Jensen’s sake.
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Jensen about destiel

If you’re interested in joining the team, here is a post about what we need. Destiel. 25,025 likes · 10 talking about this.

2021-03-14 · However, when Jensen Ackles was asked directly about Destiel at a convention, his dismissive attitude further incensed fans frustrated to see their views belittled once again, and in such an overt 2020-11-06 · Dubbed “Destiel,” the ship very quickly swept across fandom spaces as the two characters’ onscreen friendship grew stronger. (Contrary to what some might think, the pairing did not start as 2020-12-28 · No matter how many times the CW’s Supernatural cast and crew insisted that the Destiel ship isn’t canonical, fans never backed down with claiming that Dean and Castiel have romantic feelings for one another. Jensen Ackles himself personally said that “Destiel doesn't exist," only for fans to take the headcanon even more seriously.
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So here it is! It's a Destiel one shot kind of thingy. I've never written Supernatural fan fiction before and I'm just kind of trying it out because the finale left me empty as fuck and I'm crying myself to sleep every night. I've published the first chapter (which is obviously a separate story because it's a one shot book) and it's 1,500 words.

#sobrenatural #destiel #samwinchesteredits #jensen #supernaturalfunny #winchester #supernaturalcast #supernaturaledit #netflix #theroadsofarseason15  Destiel, Johnlock, Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins, Jensen Ackles, Bokserie, Häftiga. Fashion, wallpapers, quotes, celebrities and so much more. Mer information.